Apple knows how to live it up to the hype and target the audience, the prime examples of how it should actually be done were fairly displayed in 2018 trio iPhone release. The high price-tag for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max might not be able to get each and every of the iPhone fanatics goes crazy, but Apple had a backup plan for that, and that was the masterstroke in shape of the iPhone XR. The cheapest of the trio, iPhone XR, rolling out in the multitude of colors and the most powerful battery was something that gets many of the Apple-fans on the edge of their seats, especially those who were reluctant to pay hefty prices for either of the XS’ brothers.

The six fun color options made it eye candy for the techies, who don’t shy away from flaunting it every now and then. But still what could hurdle in this process is the protective case on your phone as that’s something inevitable if you actually want to keep your phone in the pristine condition.

Here’s our rundown on one of the trendy iPhone XR cases making rounds in the market:


Is it your cup of tea?

The ultra-luxe feeling a leather case for your phone has to offer is something quite outdated at the moment as it has been in the trend for quite some years now and even opted as fashion by every Tom, Dick, and Harry. To get your itch for being unique settled, the Pad & Quill Timberline case is upon the charge for your iPhone XR. Who would have thought to have timberline deployed on the mission to protect your phone; Pad & Quill has actually made it a reality for you.
Coming up with two wood back options, Rosewood, and American Walnut, this high-quality case lends the premium feel like never before. The highly proficient artisans design it with their utmost brilliance, and the perfectly carved cut-outs for ports make it convenient for use. Created out of the Real FSC-certified* hardwood case, the scratch resistant finish makes it work rightly for you even if you’re the most carefree person on the planet Earth.


The hand-crafted case backed by the high-end wood quality ensures the protection around the clock and when it’s about style, this case is second to none. The oil-rubbed mate on this case enhances the looks and makes it eye-catching in the first place. Crafted with perfection, this case doesn’t add extra ounces on your phone or hamper the slim and sleekness your phone carries on proudly with.


Pampered with the 1-year warranty, plus the 30-day money back promise, the Pad & Quill takes customer satisfaction as their utmost priority.

Damage on Pocket


Colour Options

American Walnut, Rosewood

What is it made up of?

Real FSC-certified* Hardwood

Value for Money (VFM)

$39.95 for such a protective case is a safe bet as it has high-end timberline on offering without troubling you even for a while.