Sonix Leather iPhone X Case

Phone cases seem to be a good idea when you happen to own an iPhone. The new iPhone X has the market uproar, but this is no hidden fact that the phone costs an abominable sum of money. It is of no doubt that it holds a sleek design with the most current technology in smartphones, but all that glitters is not gold. The repair costs don’t go easy on the pocket if you happen to break your phone.
So, it would be wise to purchase a cover and screen protector to avoid such things from taking place. The cover itself, should also compliment the design and bodice of the phone and match its style.
This review is for individuals who are keen on taking the preventative measures, provided by cases, but also are adamant on having a case that makes a statement.

Features of Sonix Leather iPhone X case

This phone case is made from premium vegan faux leather. No animals were harmed in this process. The feel of this leather is exquisite and high quality and does not chip off away easily. Beneath this is a hard shell constructed case. The density of the leather and the shell is an effective shock absorber, dissuading hard impacts with ease.

Passed Drop Test

The Sonix Leather case has been Drop Test verified. Your phone won’t budge in the case as it fits the phone perfectly. When you drop your phone, the well-fitted structure does not let your phone shatter. The shock absorbing sides also delivers 360 degrees screen and camera protection.

Surface Protection

The sides have another added feature, they have raised bezels. This will prevent your phone screen and camera lens from coming in direct contact with the surface when the phone is placed down. Otherwise, the surface friction will lead to scrapes and streaks on the screen. No matter how special your phone is, if it has even a tiny scratch, it devalues your phone.
The cutouts make the ports easily accessible. They align perfectly. There are buttons on the sides for the power and volume buttons. These are very responsive too.

Looking Good?

The case whole dimensions are around 5.8 inches endows 5-star protection without exuding a bulky feel to your phone. Your phone will not lose its slim physique and lightweight characteristics. The case is a soft tan color with the Sonix logo engraved at the back. The design is simple and is a symbol of grace.

The smooth leather does not slip from your grip. The surface of the leather entails a smooth and soft feel when held. The minute granulated feel of the leather enables you to maintain a firm grip. Though, this smooth texture does not mean it will slide off slanted surfaces.
The Sonix Leather case has the perfect size, shape, and texture to fit in your pocket.

Price Point

The Sonix Leather iPhone X case costs $45.00 on the official Sonix site. Though they have a sale selling it for $20.00. Such instances rarely come, better to grab this opportunity.