Supcase Unicorn Beetle Neo

iPhone has always been an attraction, for the highest rank they have achieved, Apple never disappoints its fans. It launches its new phones every year and people love it for all the improvement and the new features.

If you plan to get your hands on this newest avatar of Apple that is iPhone XR then you should also start looking for a case for it which is very necessary to protect the glass body.

The moment you get your hands on this very elegant phone of yours, you will need a case to protect it fully, from every harm and every possible damage.

A case is also very necessary to maximize the grip so that you don’t drop it. For a firm and strong grip, you will need a case which will prevent it from slipping.

Safeguards your iPhone XR

Supcase presents you a case just according to your needs. It will safeguard your phone completely and prevent it from damage or any harm. The main focus of yours to protect your iPhone XR is completely fulfilled by this cover. It not only protects but also has an elegant design that makes it stand out among all the other phones and cases.

Shockproof Design

Supcase is known for the best quality case it provides and has already made its mark. It has a shockproof design which provides a full proof defense and necessary protection. It also has a guard to keep the large screen protected which is additional. It makes the phone to be protected from any harmful scratches. It is also compatible with charging wirelessly. It is a very good option for day to day use.


It is only compatible with iPhone XR; Its precise cut-out makes the sliding on and off easy and damage free. The perfectly tailored case is crafted to perfection and has all the features you want.


It is available in a classic black color and who doesn’t like an elegant black case. Black color adds all the decency and character into anything, yet black is everybody’s favorite. This black case is also liked and loved by everybody and attracts many buyers.


You don’t have to worry about installing and removing it again and again while charging as it has wireless charging enabled, and this case it high functional other than that also.
It is a shockproof design, it will give your phone full protection and makes it more safe and secure. Along with that, the case provides a firm grip and a great in hand feels which will prevent it from slipping and damaging. It prevents it from damage and it is also prone to any possible accidental drops. It also has a built-in protector to keep it scratch free and protect is from any harm.


It is made of polycarbonate back casing, along with TPU lining which will make it durable and long lasting. It will definitely give you the full value of your money.

What it Costs

It cost $19 which is very pocket-friendly and made for your daily use.